KARA Goo Hara admits having minor surgery “I just did my eyes, nose and teeth”

KARA Goo Hara speaks up about rumours of plastic surgery brought up after there were comparisons of her photos during middle school and currently.
Goo Hara was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 5th January when she said, “This is the truth that I’m going to reveal for the first time. There is no female idol singers who will reveal such a thing.” She continued, “To say the truth if you are a female celebrity, you want to be called as beautiful by others. That was what I felt when I was young and I just made myself a little prettier.”
With that, the others around during the show had asked if she has undergone plastic surgery, she said, “I will not say that I didn’t” laughing.

She added, “Even though this is something I reveal here, the double eyelids, I have them since I was young. But our boss said my eyes looked dull in photos and hence we fixed it once.”
“Our boss also said, ‘There is no need for the nose to be higher, we shall just go for one jab shot’” and Jang YeongRan asked, “Are you talking about fillers?” and Hara said, “Yes.”
Goo Hara also said, “I only did my teeth”.
Following that gagwoman Kim HyoJin said, “Isn’t your eyes, nose and mouth the whole of your face?” causing laugther during the show.
Lastly, Goo Hara said, “I feel good inside after saying this out.”

Source : asiae
Credit : Sookyeong



I’m not surprised on her revelation since her eyes on her pre-debut photos are a bit different to the ones today. For me, it was okay since it was only a minor surgery, and her look did not really change like 180degrees.  Kudos to Hara for revealing it.  I’m not disappointed that she had a surgery, but I admired her more for being honest and brave in telling that on a show.


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