Kara’s new minialbum will have a strong style

Having their Japanese showcase on 2/7, during the same month, Kara will reveal their new mini album. Their management company, DSP media has said “Their new album recording is about 70-80% done.” and “Of the 4-5 songs that will be in the album, instead of Kara’s ordinary style (cute, liveliness), this time they will show stronger music. Instead of a cute style, they will give a cool impression.”

source: http://ntimes.co.kr/sub_read.html?uid=26153&section=sc5, karaholic
translated by thebuddybud @ karaholic


Stronger music? I reminisce the ‘Break It’ days. haha! I’m curious on what would be their concept. Let’s see for next days to come if there would be updates on their new minialbum! 😀


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