Goo Hara has a surprise birthday party

For those of you who may not know, Kara’s Goo Hara’s birthday is today – and the cutie was showered with a surprise 20th birthday party at the set of KBS 2TV’s variety show, Invincible Youth!

Kara’s representative stated,

“Although today is her birthday, Goo Hara has had a busy schedule from early morning due to filming. Many of us were worried that the weather would be bad during filming, but the other ‘Invincible Girls’ members and staff warmly congratulated Goo Hara, which made her feel extremely happy.”

According to the representative, the surprise party planned for Goo Hara is set to be included at the end of the episode that was being filmed.

It has also been revealed that many fans of Goo Hara personally went to the set of Invincible Youth to wish her a happy birthday. The cast and staff had one big celebration on the set with food enough for more than 100 people.

Happy twentieth, Goo Hara!

credit: Allkpop




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