KARA Han SeungYeon shares her money management tips!

KARA Han SeungYeon appears on Jan 17 broadcast of SBS “Sixthsense Quiz” episode where she reveals her money management to the audience.
In this episode she is asked about the money transaction among KARA members and she says that,” KARA doesn’t do any money transactions.”
Han SeungYeon,” I am a timid person and I even see little things in life differently. Though I bring money, I won’t be spending it”, she said.
Meanwhile, besides KARA Han Seungyeon this “Sixthsense Quiz” episode is also featured : Park JunHyung,Yun JungSoo, Kim TaeHyun, Narsya, MBLAQ Mir, Yoo SeYoon, Han YeWon, Kim JongMin, etc.

Source: K Bites


Wow! how do they spend their profit? or maybe they are saving their profit for their families and the bakery! I wish I manage my money like she does!


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