First Arrival in Japan Press Conference


【 Reporter 】 : Please tell us any Japanese singers you know.
【Everybody 】 : We know a lot(lol)。Utada Hiakru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Amuro Namie, Winds, AKB48, Morning Musume, Nakashima Mika, M-flo, Arashi… about that much (lol)

【Reporter 】 :Tell us about your thoughts that the 2 shows were sold out, and did you practice Japanese a lot for this?
【 Seungyeon 】 : I was really happy when I heard it sold out。This time was our first performance but, a lot of people came out to support us so thank you. All the members were pretty nervous.。
【 Jiyoung 】 : Honestly, I couldn’t study Japanese much(lol)。But, I practiced greetings a lot before coming to Japan(lol)。From now on I hope to try harder!


【 Moderator 】 : By the way, Gyuri and Seungyeon can pretty much speak Japanese.

【 Reporters 】 : oooooo!

【 Reporters 】 : Right now, there are many active girl groups in Korea. Is there something special about you KARA that separates you from them?
【 Gyuri 】 : The things the fans say are different is that we’re really friendly, refreshing, and sometimes vigorous. Also we seem like the girls next door who are your friends(lol)、that’s what they said!Also, I guess we’re short and cute(lol)?


【 Reporters 】 :Does each member have a charm point besides singing?
【 Jiyoung 】 : Well, I’m the youngest (lol)
【 Nicole 】 : I like to dance, cook and eat!
【 Guri 】 : My mom is a voice actress and has done some Japanese anime。Since I have my mom’s blood, I can make many different voices。Like(high pitched voice)「konnichiwa!」(lol)、like that。Ah, how embarrassing!
【 Seungyeon 】 : I’m the one embarrassed(lol) Apart from Jiyoung, my specialty is people often tell me I look young(lol)
【 Hara 】 : I’m the candid one.


【 Moderator 】 : Then, please tell us about your hopes for the concert tomorrow.
【 Jiyoung】: This is our first time coming to Japan and doing a showcase。I’m very happy to stand in front of all our foreign fans, and I’m thankful that they are interested in us。From now on I think it would be great if we can meet each other more often。We will do our best to show you an awesome stage tomorrow, so please cheer us on.
【 Nicole 】 :I’m really happy and thankful that we can do our showcase tomororw。We’re really nervous but, please everyone watch over us tomorrow。Also, please watch over us in our Korean activities as well.

【 Gyuri 】:We didn’t know that so many Japanese fans loved us but, when we arrived at the airport and saw many Japanese fans greeting us, my heart throbbed.。I also got pretty nervous。I will do my best at tomorrow’s showcase, for the sake of the fans.
【 Seungyeon 】 :Out of the 5 of us, 3 of us debuted 3 years ago.、I’m nervous because this is like we’re debuting all over again。We like to know that there are possibilities in other countries like Japan。I’m happy to hear the tickets for tomorrow sold out。Everyone please cheer us on this time also!
【 Hara 】 : We prepared for this showcase starting 1 month ago。I’m nervous that the real thing is tomorrow, but I think we can show off our hard work、and I hope to continue our activities in Japan.

【 Moderator 】 : Thank you very much!

translated by wewtf@KARAholic.


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