NOCUT Interview with KARA

KARA is the trend nowadays.

After changing to a black concept, KARA swept all the charts with their new track ‘Lupin’, gathering a huge amount of popularity. But as much as they are popular, they are busy. The KARA members clearly looked tired when we met them.

Member Han Seungyeon said: “We really are very busy. This was our 6th album release and seems we get more busy with every new album release”, “But being busy is better than worrying for having nothing to do. Our body might be tired but our mind is at peace”, she said with a smile on her face.

After Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung joined the group, KARA started with ‘Rock U’ and since then, they’ve been maturing little by little. They looked like young girls, but with ‘Lupin’, they are showing the image of strong and mature ladies.

Han Seungyeon said: “We wanted to show us maturing little by little and that seems to be happening according to our plans”, “Since our previous album, we’ve made many bold attempts to it and we’re thankful that it was well accepted by our fans”.

Nicole commented: “I feel happy hearing people say that, unexpectedly, we suit this image well”.

Park Gyuri said: “Through this album, we were able to show the strong side of KARA. We were worried thinking what we would do if people expressed disapproval, but on the contrary, we are glad that everyone liked it a lot”.

But it’s true that the concept is a little uncomfortable to youngest member Kang Jiyoung, a high school student. She said: “Before Lupin, all I had to do was smile brightly on stage, but now, I try to control my expression. Truth is, I don’t really know how to do that.”, “I’m just doing what I was told to do”, and she laughed.

KARA is always changing so we were curious on what image we could expect next. They said: “There are still many images that we want to show”.

Currently, fans are able to meet the KARA members in a wide range of variety shows. Park Gyuri, who gives the audience a lot of laughs and enjoyment with her ‘goddess’ concept, said: “We’re able to show many sides of KARA that we can’t show in performances, so we enjoy doing variety shows”.

Although they make many appearances in variety programs, KARA doesn’t do solo activities like other groups and none of the members transitioned to the acting field. Han Seungyeon said: “For now, KARA activities are in first place. We still prefer doing activities together”. Park Gyuri added: “Doing solo activities or transitioning to acting are things we regard with caution”, “I think there will be a right time for that”.

Instead of solo activities, they want to fill this year with KARA activities. They already have plans for Japan and overseas activities and they also plan to meet the fans with even better songs.

Park Gyuri said: “I want to learn music composition, learn to play an instrument and learn japanese, but I can’t find time for that”. Kang Jiyoung and Han Seungyeon said they want to travel, but they too are uncertain on when they will be able to fulfill that.

KARA concluded: “For every album we release, the response comes faster”, “We’ll regard that as fans cheering us to work harder. We’ll show everyone a better image to repay all the encouragement we get”.

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