Goo Hara explains belly fat controversy

There was a time when Goo Hara’s belly fat had been a hot issue among netizens.

It became an issue when one of the capture photos fromKara’s music video for Lupin showed Hara with a little belly bulge while she sat down in her tight outfit. This picture was received positively by netizens as they commented, “Even her belly fat is cute” and “It’s cute.”

Goo Hara finally explained about the “belly fat” controversy when she appeared as a guest on variety show SBS Strong HeartMC Kang Ho Dong asked Hara, “I heard your waist was 20 inches. How do you maintain that kind of body?” Hara answered the MC’s question with, “I really eat a lot but I’m the type to not get fat,” apologizing right afterward after hearing groans from audience members.

To Hara’s response, comedian Kim Young Chul said, “Compared to how much Kang Ho Dong eats, he’s like a toothpick too. We were eating spaghetti together and he ate it in one bite,” causing much laughter among the audience.

from : AKP


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