KARA Nicole, “I received motivation from a male idol to lose weight”

KARA Nicole confessed that she has received motivation from a male idol to lose weight.

Nicole was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 23rd March when she said, “He is a male idol whom I can converse coolly with.”

She added, “That friend looked at me and said ‘When will you lost weight?’ and Nicole replied ‘You don’t have to worry. Since we do video call, you can only see the face.” rousing much curiosity amongst the guest speak on Strong Heart as to who this male idol is.

Go under the cut to find out which male idol Nicole is referring to.

And after being asked by the guest appearance, Nicole gave a hint to who the male idol is. MC Kang HoDong asked, “Is the guy tall? Or short?”. Nicole answered ‘키 (which means ‘height’ in Korean but is also the name of SHINee Key’.

With this incident, it was revealed that Nicole is close friend to SHINee Key.

Meanwhile, on the show, Nicole revealed an episode during her dieting which had caused much laugther amongst the guest appearances.

S: TodayInKorea, Sookyeong


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