KARA Participates in Music Video

Girl group KARA participates music video on ”Our Mother”

“KARA” is meeting the mother?

Popular girl group Kara joined ”Our Mother” for music video. From Kara’s new album “Lupin,” the song “Lonley” is being used for the music video. This song is the new album’s only ballad song.

Currently Kara, with its title track “Lupin,” is extremely popular. It is ranked #1 on various programs and is continuing to rise. Kara members said that as they watched the movie ”Our Mother” they felt the affection and empathy between the daughter and mother and therefore agreed to use their song for the music video.

Meanwhile, the movie ”Our Mother” with Kim Hae Suk, Park Jin Hee, and more, is originally from the drama “With Our Mother for 2 Nights and 3 Days.” It’s about the lives of a mother who loves her daughter and a daughter who only received love. The movie will be released on April 22nd.

source: Maxmovie
Translate: Holyknight@Karaholic


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