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KARA to Kick off to Japan this July

KARA To Kick Off Activities In Japan This July

They can sing and dance at the same time, they’re young and amazingly beautiful but most of all, they’re getting HUGE! On April 25th, DSP Media revealed that girl group KARA will be kicking off their activities in Japan this July.

It appears that 4Minute aren’t the only ones who have signed a contract with Universal Music Japan. During the press release, DSP Media stated, “The girls have signed an official contract with Universal Music Japan and will begin their musical careers in the country during the latter half of the year”. Guess they’re going on the same page.

Universal Music Japan is currently selling their album in major retailers throughout the country. The record has received around10,000 preorders.

In addition, July won’t be KARA’s first time visiting Japan because earlier this year the girls showcased a sold-out fan signing event in the country and held an additional show after tickets for the first sold much quicker than anticipated.

On May 5th and 6th, the girls are set to attend an event wherein they will meet 8,000 Kamilia and celebrate the launch of their Japanese fan club.

Following the footsteps of their seniors, SS5o1, I bet KARA is going to be huge in Japan too. Hoping for a great success!

Source: Cho BumJa


DSP Official Statement regarding DC 2010

Hello. This is the DSP staff.
At last, this is the first time in 3 years that all the DSP artists will be performing on Dream Concert.
Anything other than what is being written in this notice is not true, do not believe in them and please, only trust and follow the facts stated here.

1. Dream Concert’s seat matter.

b. Kamilia’s seat matter: The sections Kamilia will have are the F, M, G, H sections. There are some people who think the H section is for fans of another artist, but that is absolutely not true. The organizers and the company discussed that matter since the beginning and nothing was changed. And there was no talk exchanged with another artist staff. We don’t know how rumors like that are floating around but we will assure you once more that the F, M, G and H sections are Kamilia’s sections.

3. DSP’s unified event support.

-After talks between the DSP artists staff, we decided to have a unified DSP support effort for this Dream Concert and support each other instead of doing separate support activities. It will happen like this.

For example, when SS501 is on stage, Kamilia and Rainbow fans will support them together, with their balloons, light sticks and chants. To all the persons seating inside sections assigned to DSP, we are planning to offer balloons and glowing bracelets to be used on the day. Anyone inside our sections will be forbidden to use support items of other artists. We will inform you more about the support rules in another notice later on.

5. What we want to say.

-We already stated above that this will be the first time that DSP and the fans will be closely collaborating together for a large scale concert. With everyone’s effort, let’s make this the best performance. All the staff here will do our best to help the fans on that day. No matter what happens, as long as the regulations are followed, we are sure that there will be no problem! We are making this announcement one month in advance and we’ll keep preparing everything thoroughly to make sure that we’ll see a very successful conclusion. Thank you.

-DSP Staff Dream-

*Some portions were omitted, only information regarding KARA translated*

Source: KARA-T & DSP Media
Translated: Harue @ Karaholic.
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Gyuri appointed as SSTP DJ

KARA’s leader, Park Gyuri has been appointed as the successor to the outgoing Kim Shin Young as the new DJ of Shim Shim Ta Pa with Super Junior’s Shindong.

A Shim Shim Ta Pa staff confirmed this news on the 21st stating that Gyuri was excited to be taking on this new challenge and have a chance to be closer with fans through radio. The staff added that Gyuri had been picked because of her wittiness that she shows on the variety shows that she is on.

Gyuri’s first broadcast has yet to be fixed yet.

Credit: Ghostwriter @ allkpop