Date: 2010/05/09 Sunday
Admission: 16:30 (Planned)
Event Start: 17:30 (Planned)
Evert Duration: About 90 minutes (Planned)
Venue: Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall Auditorium
Ticket Cost: 4800 Yen (Assigned Seat, Includes Tax)
Ticket Reservation Date: 2010/03/29 ~ 04/08
Host: DSP media japan
Advertisement/Produced by: DSP media japan / SECOND Inc.

Event contents
-New song, ‘루팡 (Lupin)’ to be played in Japan for the first time!
-After event, members of Kara will give presents! (You can’t decide who you want to get from.)
-We will be playing games, etc.

How to join event
-Reservation starts March 29th, 10AM, at fanclub site
-Only people who joined fanclub can reservate tickets (Annual fee, 5500 Yen.
-One person can reservate up to two tickets.

-Our apologies that the seats will be chosen by draw.
-Tickets cannot be sold personally in any reasons.
-Pre-school kids cannot go alone without parents. (LOL)

Source: http://blog.daum.net/total-eclipse/14
Translated: chelsea37fc @ Karaholic.

Venue Location:

Site: http://www.yaf.or.jp/mmh/about/main-e.html


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