Popular Girl Group ‘KARA’ turns into ‘MakuMaku’ cheerleader.

Popular Girl Group Kara’s Cheering Card for baseball game ‘MakuMaku’developed by Game Portal Net Marble (Rep. Nam Gunghun) service and Anipark (Rep. Kim HongGyu) will be released.

Actual photos are specially produced for Kara cheer Cards, Goo Hara including members 5 people each wearing team’s uniform, It is scheduled to be formally updated this coming 26 May.

Existing staff cards play an important role within the cheerleader card, kara cheer card together with current cheer card have effect to show 100% special ability, in particular all hitting/pitching positions. When special conditions appear, Plus effect will be effective on that special card.

KBO 8 teams with Hyundai, MLB, all are classified as national team. The abilities apply for Kara cheer card team selection in conjunction with old team.

Game Portal Net Marble service CJ Internet team leader Yi Sangyoun said “We’re trying to release a more interesting game for customers who love MakuMaku with Kara cheer cards” “We plan to do our best in future to make MakuMaku more diverse (varied) and interesting game.”

Net Marble plans to release Kara Cheer card from 14 May to 25 May through special reservation order, more detail information can be found at ‘MakuMaku’ Homepage (ma9.netmarble.net).

*From various websites, ‘MakuMaku’ is claimed to be No.1 Baseball Game

Tips from Anne
Source:Chosun News
Translated by aank1 @ karaholic.com
Do not take out without full credits


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