Samsung and Girl Group Kara’s Agency make 3D Content

Samsung electronics collaborate with popular girl group ‘Kara’s agency DSP Media to co-produce 3D content. After SM entertainment, this is the second content creation collaboration. Kara 3D Music Video is released ahead of the world cup season. On 16 May at the opening of Korea VS Equator soccer friendly match at SangAm WorldCup Stadium, Samsung electronics revealed 3D display at Samsung Pavilion.

Samsung electronics and DSP Media showcase its 3D content by releasing Kara’s cheering song for soccer national team, ‘we are with you’ Music Video in 3D. This is a lively dance song that always support for the national soccer team, to cheer the soccer players and to pray for victory. After its released on the 3 May, it’s been on a hot topic on bulletins in various music sites. This popular new song and 3D MV have received great interest.

On that day, Samsung electronics set up an art wall with a large 3D TV display to draw visitors attention. The company took part in producing National soccer team cheer song Music Video in 3D, While cheering South Korea’s soccer team at the same time the company also interested to involve more in creating 3D content in future.

Samsung electronics’ Executive vice president said “Samsung Pavilion’s 3D content creation for Kara’s cheer song “we are with you” combined with 3D Music Video is produced to provide support for the upcoming world cup season” He added “Kara’s Cheer Song 3D Music Video started with combining different ideas and soccer so that customers can enjoy a lively three-dimentional image.

DSP media representative said “We are very pleased to be able to participate in the making of Kara’s cheer song “we’re with you’ 3D Music Video with Samsung Pav(national leading representative of 3D technology).”Through Samsung’s 3D techonology with the added 3D Music Video, we’re able to directly experience the song live and it seems like Kara is right infront singing and cheering” he added.

Tips from anne
Source:edaily news
Translated by aank1 @
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