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[Announcement] KARAPh Forum Closed

We all know that KARA Philippines have a new forum and the admins are finalizing things that our forum will improve , So the admins decided to closed the new forum until Friday.

sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding

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Invincible Youth – Goo Hara left Korea to Hokkaido Japan

Caption: Goo Hara “Eating Potato Chips while leaving for Japan”

^^ Goo Hara and G7 members left this morning 8AM KST (29 June) to Hokkaido, Japan, for Invincible Youth Recording

Source:TV Daily

Tight friendship between KARA Kang JiYoung and f(x) Sulli – they even have couple necklace

Friendship between 94-ers KARA Kang JiYoung and f(x) Sulli has been garnering interests amongst fans and netizens.

Recently, Kang JiYoung posted a photo of the 2 going for a walk in the middle of the night on her Twitter. And Sulli also talked about her ‘couple necklace’ with Kang JiYoung in her recent interview.

Kang JiYoung posted the photo on her Twitter account recently with the 2 posing with their pet dogs, “Hweenja + JiSook Noreunja + Myungsoo lalalalalala going out for a walk”

And also in Sulli’s recent interview, she was quoted saying that she bought a couple necklace with Kang JiYoung at a departmental store in Seoul ApGooJung. And she hope that their friendship will not change.

Some of netizens’ comments:

* “Daebak”
* “The 2 are close and pretty together. But too pretty can be a dangerous thing”
* “I like seeing them together”
* “I wonder what they used to take the photo, looks like cctv”
* ‘These 2 are just lovely”

Credit: KBites + Karaholic + KARA Soompi Thread

Kara’s Gyuri & SuJu’s Shindong morph into Na’vi from Avatar

Over the past few weeks, idols have shown their Korean support for the FIFA World Cup in many interesting ways, but this definitely tops the list of absurdity.

On Twitter last week, Kara leader Gyuri and Super Junior dork Shindong of Shim Shim Ta Pa radio had promised to transform into Na’vi if Korea advanced to the Top 8 at the World Cup. Although the team got knocked out during their Top 16 match against Uruguay, the two radio DJs dressed up anyway to the delight of their fans.

“Today you will get to see us on Shim Shim Ta Pa,” Gyuri announced today. “Although the Korean team didn’t make it [to the Top 8] in the World Cup, they worked hard, so Shindong and I have decided! Please anticipate our transformations.”

Considering the fact that Shindong has transformed into an SNSD cheerleader in the past, seeing him in a ridiculous get-up like this isn’t a huge shocker, but Gyuri the Na’vi definitely made me do a double take.

All credits to AllKpop

Nicole and Thunder transform into English mentors for new reality show!

Among all the celebrities in Korea today, we know that there are quite a handful of idols who can speak fluent English.

We’ve seen many of them struggle to grasp the Korean culture and language as they transitioned into this not-so-familiar territory. Well, it appears as if we’ll get the chance to see a couple of these idols ease back into their comfort zone and speak English, all the while enriching others’ education!

Today, a new cable program called Mom, I’m Going Crazy Because of English had their first broadcast. While the show may sound dull due to its educational nature, the show features KARA’s Nicole and MBLAQ’s Thunder as English mentors. This new reality program is designed to introduce English language know-how’s to Korea’s youth in a fun and exciting way.

In the first episode that Nicole and Thunder filmed together, they taught English know-how’s through American cartoons and currency. This unique way of learning English was actually inspired by Thunder’s personal experience. He revealed that he also learned English through American cartoons and currency when he immigrated to the Philippines at the age of five.

On the show, the two shared, “After you select your favorite program genre, first watch the show with Korean subtitles, then with English subtitles, and finally watch it without any subtitles. Because we watched these programs in this manner, we started to gradually use English as well…If you regard English as a fun subject, rather than a hard one, you probably will be able to cultivate your English skills easier.”

In addition, the PD hinted at more guest appearances as he stated, “We believe that the cheers and advice of idol stars will greatly encourage the children [to learn English]. Singer Rain’s famous English teachers Lee Yoon JinOh Sung Shik, andCulTwo’s Jung Chanwoo are also expected to be cast as English mentors to help kids learn English through fun know-how’s.” And you thought that learning a language was boring!

The only thing that irks me about Thunder’s method of learning English (or any other foreign language for that matter) is the time it’ll take to actually go through TV programs three times. Imagine watching one whole drama series three times! But on the bright side, you’ll now have an excuse for watching all those addictive Korean programs!

Credit: AllKpop

Park Gyuri prepared ahead for Japan activities

Park Gyuri said to T-news, “Currently we’ve finished filming for Mister Music Video and we will leave for Japan in late July or early August.

She also added, “We are preparing for the activities in Japan as well as learning Japanese in any time we could find. Music Video as well as Jacket photos will come out nicely just as much as efforts many people have put in. You’ll be able to see the results.”

Furthermore Park Gyuri also expressed her concern, “A lot of anticipation but as well as big fear”. “It’s always the case just as much as the expectations, whether or not we can do it well, at the same time we also seem to fear every time when facing new challenge(doing new work). Of course we are very nervous but at the same time we are also excited.”

KARA has started their activities from last February onwards for their showcase, followed by Press conference as well as handshakes event. At the same time also confirming Japan’s comedian Geikidan hitori as Kara’s big fan which have been a hot topic. On last 19 June and 20 June, Japan debut single title song “Mister (Mr.)” Music Video has been filmed on a set and the album will be officially released in Japan early August.

Source: Chosun Sports news
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Shindong & Park Gyuri promise to…, dress up as Avatar

Super Junior’s Shindong and KARA’s Park Gyuri said that if there is a situation where Korea’s National Soccer Team advances to the top 8, they will transform into Avatar while hosting their radio show. This is what they have promised.

Shindong and Park Gyuri said on the (June) 25th broadcast of MBC FM “Shindong and Park Gyuri’s ShimShim Tapa” that if Korea advances to the top 8, they will dress up as Avatar and host their radio show.

Park Gyuri that day said on her Twitter “Today on ShimShim Tapa I promised” and “If they get in the top 8(,) me and Shindong will dress up as Avatar and do a viewable radio” is what she promised.

On another note, Korea will be against Uruguay at the 2010 South Africa World Cup on the 26th at 11p.m. (Korean time) to advance to the top 8.

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