KARA Japan Debut Song ‘Mr.’ MV shooting “Butt dance alone (is almost) 100 times!”

Kara has finished shooting for Mister MV Japanese version which will be used as their debut song in Japan.

Kara filmed MV for “Mister” On 19 June and 20 June at a set. Despite the butt dance is remarkably popular, there won’t be Korean version of Mister.

Kara’s Maknae member Kang Jiyoung “Just the butt dance alone, seems like we’ve dance more than 100 times. My waist hurts” Even so “The quality seems to be very high. Satisfied.”

Kara had their first showcase on last February. On May, press conference and handshake event. Kara plans to officially release first debut single “Mister” in Japan on August.
Source : http://www.newsen.co…006210759071002
Translated by : aank1@Karaholic
Do not take without full credits!


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