Park Gyuri prepared ahead for Japan activities

Park Gyuri said to T-news, “Currently we’ve finished filming for Mister Music Video and we will leave for Japan in late July or early August.

She also added, “We are preparing for the activities in Japan as well as learning Japanese in any time we could find. Music Video as well as Jacket photos will come out nicely just as much as efforts many people have put in. You’ll be able to see the results.”

Furthermore Park Gyuri also expressed her concern, “A lot of anticipation but as well as big fear”. “It’s always the case just as much as the expectations, whether or not we can do it well, at the same time we also seem to fear every time when facing new challenge(doing new work). Of course we are very nervous but at the same time we are also excited.”

KARA has started their activities from last February onwards for their showcase, followed by Press conference as well as handshakes event. At the same time also confirming Japan’s comedian Geikidan hitori as Kara’s big fan which have been a hot topic. On last 19 June and 20 June, Japan debut single title song “Mister (Mr.)” Music Video has been filmed on a set and the album will be officially released in Japan early August.

Source: Chosun Sports news
Translated by aank1
Do not take out without full credits


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