Tight friendship between KARA Kang JiYoung and f(x) Sulli – they even have couple necklace

Friendship between 94-ers KARA Kang JiYoung and f(x) Sulli has been garnering interests amongst fans and netizens.

Recently, Kang JiYoung posted a photo of the 2 going for a walk in the middle of the night on her Twitter. And Sulli also talked about her ‘couple necklace’ with Kang JiYoung in her recent interview.

Kang JiYoung posted the photo on her Twitter account recently with the 2 posing with their pet dogs, “Hweenja + JiSook Noreunja + Myungsoo lalalalalala going out for a walk”

And also in Sulli’s recent interview, she was quoted saying that she bought a couple necklace with Kang JiYoung at a departmental store in Seoul ApGooJung. And she hope that their friendship will not change.

Some of netizens’ comments:

* “Daebak”
* “The 2 are close and pretty together. But too pretty can be a dangerous thing”
* “I like seeing them together”
* “I wonder what they used to take the photo, looks like cctv”
* ‘These 2 are just lovely”

Credit: KBites + Karaholic + KARA Soompi Thread


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