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Hara proves that she has a 21-inch waist

On the most recent episode of Invincible YouthKARA’s Goo Hara proved that she indeed has a 21-inch waist.

f(x)’s Victoria got help from a student at a nearby high school last episode so she promised to visit the school later. The girls kept their promise and visited the school.

While entering, Goo Hara decided to go through the railing instead of the main entrance. Instead of climbing over, she went under it. There was a small amount of space but she still nudged her way in.

It’s surprising to me that she has so much energy.


Gyuri’s mother has been suffering from cancer

KARA’s Park Gyuri appeared on the recent recording of SBS Star Junior Show with her mother, Park So Hyun. Through the show, Park So Hyun revealed that she has been suffering from cancer.

While the parents were expressing the times that they’ve felt sorry for their children, Park So Hyun shared:

“During Gyuri’s trainee years, she went through a lot after the company (that she used to be in) went out of business. Adding onto her broken heart, I got cancer”

“I was weak and in pain due to cancer, and I wasn’t able to fully express my feelings for her while she was busily preparing to become a singer. I eventually wrote a parting letter for her (filled with her last words for Gyuri she passes away)”

“It was essential for my family to get their hearts ready for the moment”

However, the story doesn’t end here. There’s a twist to Park So Hyun’s story – so stay tuned till this episode airs on the 31st!

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Gyuri’s feelings about her goddess image.

Kara’s Park Gyuri revealed her feelings about her ‘goddess’ image.

During a meeting with Newsen reporters, Park Gyuri admitted: “I said many times that I’m a ‘goddess’ in variety programs, but in truth, I also did worry a lot thinking people would insult me.”

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Golden Bell’ among other programs, Park Gyuri entitled herself with the title of ‘goddess’, expressing her self-confidence by saying “I’m in charge of Kara’s beauty”. The viewers felt freshness from Park Gyuri’s bold way of expressing herself.

“Being modest is considered a virtue in our country. In that sense, saying I’m a ‘goddess’ myself can be a little strange. I was concerned people would think something like ‘What on earth is she?'”

Park Gyuri has always looked strong and determined, but even she wasn’t worry-free. “It’s just that I really value myself. Entertainers in general have the basic trait of loving themselves a lot, more than other people do. If you don’t have that self-confidence, your life in the entertainment world won’t be easy. Being stronger than the others is expressed this way.”

Park Gyuri continued: “Before, my will to make everyone believe I’m a ‘goddess’ was strong, but now, I want to find Kara’s image”, “Please, look forward to our activities in variety programs.”

On another note, Park Gyuri, who is focusing on her ‘Lupin’ promotions now, is expected to show her charms in a new variety program very soon.

Source: NEWSEN
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Gyuri & Ji Young show Lee Teuk & Eun Hyuk some love!

Found some cute photos of Sukira Kiss the Radio to share with you guys here!

During the recording of the latest episode of Sukira,as usual Ji Young and Gyuri of KARAwere present at the scene together with Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk.

The girls were spotted posing with the “fake” Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk,Ji Young forced the “Lee Teuk” to do a “Saranghae” sign while Eun Hyuk is so lucky to lie on the goddess’ arm!!


KARA to postpone Japanese debut date

KARA will postpone their Japanese debut.

KARA was initially set to release their debut single on 4th August. The title song will be the Japanese version of their hit ‘Mister’. And it known that the filming of the MV has completed. But according to KARA’s representatives, the girls needs more time to prepare for their Japanese debut and the debut will be postponed for a week.

An official said on 6th July, “There are some changes to the plans for the girls to release their Japanese debut single on 4th August. It will be postponed for about a week, but we have not decided on the exact date yet.”

There has been great interests for KARA’s Japanese debut. There has been numerous media reports in Japan about the girls’ upcoming debut as well. The girls also previously did a showcase in Japan for 4000 fans, and their licensed album released in Japan also went up to as high as #10 on Oricon Daily Chart.

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Taiwanese singer Yao Yao covers KARA’s Honey

Taiwanese singer has Yao Yao (郭书瑶) released a song that sounds very familiar.

The song is a cover of KARA’s Honey. As a popular Taiwanese artist, she wanted to try something that people would love. And to portray the sweet feeling of the song, Yao Yao had to spend 40 hours filming in a cream coated evening dress, with the air-con at full blast since the heat from the lighting equipment would melt the cream.

Ahead of her album release on August 21st, she released her title song on July 29th to give her fans a preview. She sounds similar to the original since she has a cutesy voice like the girls. She sings the song in Mandarin but obviously the melody won’t be new for you guys.

Korean netizens have actually expressed their fondness of the song saying that it’s not as good as the original but it’s still very cute.

She will start promotions with Honey soon. I’m sure she sounds fine but I don’t understand why she wants to promote with a cover song?

Credit: AllKpop + lokniol@youtube