Idol Bikini Body – Best 9

It’s a tough thing for women, Summer is bikini’s season. Many women have battled with diet and now it’s a challenge for women to strip the fat and look great for the season. At the same time, Idols Bikini Body – BEST 9 are revealed:

1 Kahi 1980, 168cm, 50kg
2 UEE 1988, 171cm, 51kg

3 박규리 (Park Gyuri) 1988, 162cm, 45kg
Claimed to be ‘goddess’ , Park Gyuri’s bikini photo filled with her natural look. Compared to just ordinary make-up look, Park Gyuri looks more friendly/better when she lets her hair down. But looking at her body line, not just the face, it is obviously self-explanatory why Gyuri is called the goddess. But it is a pity that goddess’ shoulder-bone is exposed too little. (from the pic above it’s Gyuri in bikini with a thin jacket on)

4 Go-Eun-ah 1988, 171cm, 45kg
5 Ga-in1987, 163cm, 43kg
6 Lee-Min-jeong 1982, 167cm, 49kg
7 Yoona 1990, 165cm, 47kg
8 Seohyun 1991, 168cm, 48kg
9 Yuri 1989, 167cm, 45kg

Tips from Anne
Source: Nate
Translated by aank1 @
Do not take out without full credits.


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