2010’s half year top 50 songs wrap-up

Melon.com has ranked the top 50 songs of the first half 0f 2010 (January 2010 – June 2010). They ranked the songs based on the amount times the song is streamed (40%) and downloaded (60%). In order to avoid biases based on repeat streaming, for each user, they only counted the first stream of a certain song each day.

The Top 50 songs for the first half of 2010 were as follows:

1. Won’t Let You Go Even if I Die – 2AM
2. Unable – 4Men
3. Oh! – SNSD
4. I Go Crazy Because of You – T-ara
5. Lupin – KARA
6. I’m a Loner – CNBLUE
7. Love Taught Me To Drink (ft. Baek Chan of 8eight) – Lee Seung Gi
8. Change (ft. Junhyung of BEAST) – HyunA
9. Run Devil Run – SNSD
10. We Fell in Love – Jo Kwon & Ga-In
11. Bang! – After School
12. Bubble Love – MC Mong & Seo In Young
13. I Did Wrong – 2AM
14. Wonder Woman – SeeYa, Davichi & T-ara
15. Love Song – Rain
16. Shock – BEAST
17. Like the First Time – T-ara
18. Honesty – December
19. I’m Sorry I Can’t Smile For You – 2AM
20. Magic – Secret
21. It Hurts Because Its Love – Min Kyung Hoon
22. Because of You – After School
23. Time, Please Stop – Davichi
24. Bo Peep Bo Peep – T-ara
25. Living in the Heart (ft. Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls) – Untouchable
26. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (ft. Ceejay Of Freshboyz) – Lee Hyori
27. 2 Different Tears – Wonder Girls
28. Confession – Hot Potato
29. Have a Drink – ZiA
30. Scattered – Monday Kiz
31. Gift (ft. Eun Ji Won) – K.Will
32. Without You – 2PM
33. Sunflower (ft. Sunny Side MJ) – Gavy NJ
34. NU ABO – f(x)
35. I’ll Move – Brown Eyed Soul
36. Acquaintance – Outsider
37. Broke Up Today – Younha
38. It Has To Be You – Yesung
39. What a Spiteful Word (ft. Jangyup of Brown Eyed Soul) – Seo Young Eun
40. Will Love Come – Mighty Mouth & Baek Ji Young
41. Mystery – BEAST
42. Love U – Seo In Gook
43. Follow Me – 2NE1
44. Stigma – Yim Jae Beom
45. Like the Beginning, Like Then (ft. Kang Min Kyung of Davichi) – Lee Seung Gi
46. Hip Song – Rain
47. Tik Tok – 2PM
48. Heartbeat – 2PM
49. HUH – 4minute
50. Come Back – Vibe

Top 3 Composers each with 5 songs on the top 50 chart were:

Bang Shi Hyuk (aka Hitman Bang) wrote Won’t Let You Go Even if I Die (2AM, 1st), Love Taught Me To Drink (Lee Seung Gi, 7th), I Did Wrong (2AM, 13th), Like the First Time (T-ara, 17th), and collaborated with Kim Tae Yoon for Time, Please Stop (Davichi, 23rd).

Cho Young Soo wrote Bubble Love (MC Mong, 12th), Wonder Woman (SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara, 14th), It Hurts Because Its Love (Min Kyung Hoon, 21st), and collaborated with Kim Tae Hyun to write I Go Crazy Because of You (T-ara, 4th) and Because of You (After School, 22nd).

Lee Sang Ho collaborated for all 5 songs. He collaborated with Kang Ji Won for Mystery (BEAST, 41st) and Living in the Heart (Untouchable, 25th), with Shin Sa Dong Tiger for Shock (BEAST, 16th), and with Kim Do Hoon for I’m a Loner (CNBLUE, 6th) and Like the Beginning, Like Then (Lee Seung Gi, 45th).

Idols Conquest

Idol groups are dominating the charts with a total of 39 artists (and groups) have claimed the top 50 songs on the 2010 half year chart. Of these 50 songs, 26 songs were sung by idol groups (including solo activities). The popularity of these idol groups are quite significant. For instance, 8 of the top 10 songs were sung by idols.

Multi Hit Artists

The top 50 songs came from a total of 47 different singles and albums by 39 artists and groups. There were a handful of artists that had multiple hits on the charts. 2AM, 2PM, and T-ara each claimed 3 songs on the top 50 charts. In particular, 2AM’s songs all placed in the top 20 of the chart. Following these groups were SNSD, After School, BEAST, Lee Seung Gi, and Rain, each with 2 songs in the top 50. Notably, SNSD’s Oh! and Run Devil Run both placed in the top 10.



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