Gyuri gets “cutely” humiliated by Orange Caramel?

KARA’s Gyuri gets humorously humiliated by the Orange Caramel members?

Orange Caramel and group One Two were the guests on the recent MBC radio broadcast of Shindong, Park Gyuri’s ShimShimTaPa. They caused a lot of laughs for the listeners as well as viewers with their witty talks and live performances on the set.

After the broadcast, Orange Caramel and One Two posed for a photo with DJ Shindong and Gyuri. However, something about the photos made netizens laugh.

In the picture, Gyuri looks like she is being pushed aside by Orange Caramel, hence her squatting posture which makes her look proportionately smaller than the others.

Netizens have commented:

“Why did our Gyuri come out so small, let’s do a re-take”

“She got humiliated by Orange Caramel’s cute punishment”

“Gyuri purposely chose that spot so they could stand in front because she is their sunbae. That’s probably why”


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