The HahaMong Show visits KARA’s dorm

Haha and MC Mong recently visited KARA’s new dorm for their variety program, HahaMong Show!

As they entered the house, the two went straight to investigating the girls’ rooms, and to their surprise, they came upon some questionable and interesting objects in Seungyeon’s room.

In her room, they discovered her own private rice cooker along with some side dishes. She also caught the boys’ attentions with a sword that she had received as a gift from her father, who is a famous Korean swordmaker. However, the highlight of her bedroom tour was a bottle of alcohol in this idol’s room!

After being exposed with the bottle of alcohol, Seungyeon tried to explain herself but in a poor manner and the two MCs ended, “Girl idols have secrets too.”

However, as soon as their house tour was over, both Haha and Mong got down to business and helped the girls around the house.

It hadn’t even been three months since the girls moved into their new dorm, but the shower faucet was broken, the door didn’t lock, and there was trash all over the place. But the place soon got tidied up as Haha and MC Mong got into mom-mode and personally went out to buy a new door handle and even took out the trash.

The girls didn’t even have an air conditioner in their house to endure the hot summer weather, so the two MCs bought them four fans with their own money. It was hard to believe that the five girls were living in such a poorly-managed dorm.

credits: allkpop


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