How close are Nicole and Jinwoon?

KARA’s Nicole and 2AM’s Jinwoon are just friends?

In the most recent episode of the HahaMong Show, Haha and MC Mong visited KARA’s dorm. 2AM’s Jinwoon stopped in to help out Haha and MC Mong.

Nicole and Jinwoon are known to be good friends but Haha and MC Mong tried to make it out to be more than that.

As soon as Jinwoon rang the door bell, Nicole screamed with joy. Haha and MC Mong teased Jinwoon by saying, “I heard you helped KARA move in here. Do you know where the bathroom is?”

The chocolate in Nicole’s room was a present from Jinwoon. Seungyeon added on that the two talk to each other a lot on the phone. According to Seungyeon, Nicole talks about Jinwoon all the time!

They would be cute together!



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