KARA’s fresh faces revealed on HahaMong Show

A few days ago we reported that Haha and MC Mong visited the members of KARA at their dorm for their Mother’s Favor corner on the SBS HahaMong Show.

KARA didn’t know that Haha and MC Mong were coming and were fast asleep. The HahaMong moms first entered Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung’s room, then went to Seungyeon’s room, then to Nicole’s rather messy room, and finally to goddess Gyuri’s room.

While the other members were deep in their sleep, Gyuri woke up to the sound of Haha and MC Mong’s whispering and immediately hid her face. Haha whispered to the cameras, “I wonder how goddess Gyuri will wake up“. As soon as Haha counted to three, Gyuri got up and pulled her hair out of her face in a rather goddess-like manner which caused MC Mong and Haha to burst in laughter.

Upon being woken up by the two MCs, they began their morning by dancing to their hit song Lupin. Then the HahaMong moms helped as the girls washed up, revealing their fresh faces. Later as they began to investigate each of the members’ rooms, 2AM’s Jinwoon came by to join in.

credit: allkpop + KARA soompi thread


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