Park Myung Soo – Nicole ‘Cold Noodle 2’ ~ Whales will be released on 20 July, ‘This time is Myung-Cole Drive?’

Last Summer’s Park Myeong-su and SNSD Jessica’s best-sellng ‘Cold Noodles’ new version ‘Whales’ was announced that it’ll be released on 20 July.

At the annoncement about ‘Cold Noodles’ second version ‘Whales’, a representative said “Park Myeong-su had already finished recording on 9 July at Gangnam’s Studio, Seoul, while Nicole’s recording will be on 14 July”. It can be thought of as ‘Cold Noodles’ follow up song, but it will have totally different charm to it.”

Park Myeong-su and Nicole’s ‘Whales’ will be released through online music ste (Melon), and it is currently top-searched topic on various portal sites.

Park Myeong-su and Nicole’s Whales will be released on this coming 20 July through online music site.

Source: Newsen
Translated by: aank1@Karaholic.


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