Sori wants to be friends with Goo Hara

Sori shared her feelings about being on the show Invincible Youth. In a recent interview, she said,

“I’m having fun filming Invincible Youth episodes. I was worried it’d be hard for me to adjust since I joined in later but all the members are being really nice to me during the filming.”

She continued,

“All the members are cute and nice but there are some that are quite different than their image. One in particular is KARA’s Goo Hara.”

She said,

“Hara is so pretty so I thought she’d act very innocent.

I thought she would just act like she’s pretty and be a bit cold as well but she’s so easygoing and works hard. She doesn’t act like she is pretty but seeing her work so hard makes her prettier. She’s even funnier when the camera is off. She makes lots of jokes and funny faces. I hope that we can become good friends.”

When asked whether or not the work they have to do is hard she said,

“The farm work is not hard. I think I’m the type to be good at labor.

I have a lot of strength and can do it well. I’ve been told that I should quit being a singer and just work as a laborer.”

From what she’s saying, it’s quite clear she wants to be friends with her.
Credit: Allkpop


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