Gyuri and Hara reveal their childhood photos

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KARA’s goddess leader, Park Gyuri, and beautiful member, Hara, revealed their childhood photos on the recent HahaMong Show.

MC Mong and Haha were KARA’s mothers for the day as they made a visit to the girls’ dorm. The two ‘mothers’, along with 2AM’s Jinwoon, proceeded in investigating each of the members’ rooms.

Many netizens were surprised to see that Gyuri has a rice wine set in a room. Gyuri then explained that she received it as a gift from fans and for netizens to not misunderstand all of this.

Jinwoon later discovered Gyuri’s childhood album. Looking through her album, it was evident that she flaunted the model pose at an even young age. Then and now, her face is still a beauty.
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Fellow member, Hara’s childhood album was uncovered as well. Flipping through the photos, they were all from her elementary to high school years. Past movie tickets and sticker pictures she took with her friends were carefully placed inside this album.
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credit: allkpop


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