Key of SHINee thanked Nicole and Jiyoung on his thanks to part of the ‘Lucifer’ album

Jaejin, whom I truly like! Nicole, who is always by my side and leading me! Cutie magnae Jiyoung~ Seunghyun who plays the guitar well~
91 line male idols! ‘Really~’ good and friendly Jinwoon Mir, Son Dongwoon thank you guys! T-ara’s spotlight Hyomin noona!
Our Oh! After! English teacher! Bekah noona who is very close~ Same aged Nana, smart Joonhyung hyung, messenger Seungho hyung~
JQ hyung, who is good at rap, close couple **hyung, **noona, Hyungseung hyung, Mi-A-Ki main casts! Cute Dongho, Chundong hyung who taught me how to imitate keke.

Credit: KARA Soompi Thread


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