Seungyeon’s mysterious pot burner revealed!

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A few days ago, we’ve reported on a mysterious being who burned KARA’s Seungyeon’s pot.

Today, the burner has been revealed on this week’s episode of the HahaMong Show!

On last week’s episode, Haha and MC Mong visited KARA’s dorm as mothers. The second part of their visit aired today. During a segment of the show called ‘tell the mother’, KARA poured out all their troubles and worries.

Hara cutely threw a fit and blurted that maknae Jiyoung secretively wears her shoes. Then, mother MC Mong shared, “That’s the history of Haha’s family.” MC Mong revealed that Haha once came over to his house and managed to steal 9 of MC Mong’s shirts in an extremely secretive manner.

Kang Jiyoung apologetically expressed, “I did wrong. I didn’t want the shoes, I just wanted to wear them.”

Seungyeon also asked the gathered KARA members, “Who burnt the pot that I bought?”

Gyuri started to fidget her fingers and many eyes lingered on Hara, the possible suspect, since she occasionally eats ramen. All of the sudden, Jiyoung nervously asked, “Was the pot red?” and later confessed to burning Seungyeon’s pot.

Mystery solved.

Credit: Allkpop


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