4minute and KARA take their battle to Japan

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Popular girl idol groups such as 4minute and KARA are leaving Korea one by one and taking their popularity to neighboring country Japan.

On the 28th, 4minute who have recently released their second single IMMM are leaving for Japan on the 27th.

They plan to actively promote their album in the country for approximately one week. Fellow girl group KARA will also leave on a similar date and prepare for their official debut where they will stay in Japan for about 20 days.

Affiliated officials of 4minute stated, “We are leaving for Japan tomorrow. We have already visited Japan a couple of times this July for several broadcasting shows.” Likewise, KARA have also done the same thing just like 4minute for their debut.

Idol girl group SNSD are also preparing for a showcase in Japan. During August, SNSD plans to have a large scale 10,000 audience showcase event in Japan and debut officially in September. They also recently filmed for their MVs in 3D.

It’s amazing how much girl groups are on a rise lately in the music industry. I hope they continue their hard work and wish all of them the best of luck in Japan!

credit: allkpop


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