Which Korean Celebrities Give Off a Japanese Appearance?

Japanese fans recently came up with a top four list on their community site, “2ch” of Korean celebrities that give off the Japanese vibe or appearance. Find out who they are below.

#4 Han Hyo Joo
The actress has been recognized in Japan for her role in drama “Brilliant Legacy.” She is constantly compared with actresses Fukada Kyoko and Ueto Aya.

#3 Kara’s Goo Hara
You can’t forget about Goo Hara who is known for her Japanese appearance. She is known to resemble singer, Amuro Namie.

Goo Hara & Amuro Namie
Posted Image

#2 Kara’s Kang Ji Young
The netizens of “2ch” think that Kang Ji Young may actually be half-Japanese. Even before Kara’s venture into the Japanese market, people thought Ji Young resembled model, Sasaki Nozomi.

Kang Ji Young & Sasaki Nozomi
Posted Image

#1 DBSK’s Jaejoong
The singer who debuted in Japan through Tohoshinki apparently looks Japanese enough to be mistaken for one.

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?
This is all for fun, so no hard feelings. :)

Source: Nate & Google Images
credit:chrizzycrazy @Dkpopnews + KARA Soompi Thread


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