Gyuri’s mother has been suffering from cancer

KARA’s Park Gyuri appeared on the recent recording of SBS Star Junior Show with her mother, Park So Hyun. Through the show, Park So Hyun revealed that she has been suffering from cancer.

While the parents were expressing the times that they’ve felt sorry for their children, Park So Hyun shared:

“During Gyuri’s trainee years, she went through a lot after the company (that she used to be in) went out of business. Adding onto her broken heart, I got cancer”

“I was weak and in pain due to cancer, and I wasn’t able to fully express my feelings for her while she was busily preparing to become a singer. I eventually wrote a parting letter for her (filled with her last words for Gyuri she passes away)”

“It was essential for my family to get their hearts ready for the moment”

However, the story doesn’t end here. There’s a twist to Park So Hyun’s story – so stay tuned till this episode airs on the 31st!

Credit: AllKpop


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