Gyuri’s feelings about her goddess image.

Kara’s Park Gyuri revealed her feelings about her ‘goddess’ image.

During a meeting with Newsen reporters, Park Gyuri admitted: “I said many times that I’m a ‘goddess’ in variety programs, but in truth, I also did worry a lot thinking people would insult me.”

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Golden Bell’ among other programs, Park Gyuri entitled herself with the title of ‘goddess’, expressing her self-confidence by saying “I’m in charge of Kara’s beauty”. The viewers felt freshness from Park Gyuri’s bold way of expressing herself.

“Being modest is considered a virtue in our country. In that sense, saying I’m a ‘goddess’ myself can be a little strange. I was concerned people would think something like ‘What on earth is she?'”

Park Gyuri has always looked strong and determined, but even she wasn’t worry-free. “It’s just that I really value myself. Entertainers in general have the basic trait of loving themselves a lot, more than other people do. If you don’t have that self-confidence, your life in the entertainment world won’t be easy. Being stronger than the others is expressed this way.”

Park Gyuri continued: “Before, my will to make everyone believe I’m a ‘goddess’ was strong, but now, I want to find Kara’s image”, “Please, look forward to our activities in variety programs.”

On another note, Park Gyuri, who is focusing on her ‘Lupin’ promotions now, is expected to show her charms in a new variety program very soon.

Source: NEWSEN
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