The best female & male idol groups according to tvN Newton

Through tvN Gil’s Newton Chart, a poll based on the best male & female idol groups was held between July 26th and August 1st recently.

With 50% votes coming from a selection committee group, 30% from internet votes and 20% from mobile votes, 20 groups from each male & female category were selected.

Starting off with the male idol group category, here are top 8 ranking groups based on the results from the poll (numbers in bracket denote # of votes):

DBSK (12199)
Big Bang (12176)
H.O.T. (6654)
2PM (4878)
Super Junior (4322)
SS501 (4292)
MBLAQ (4265)
god (4128)

Next, the top 8 female idol groups:
SNSD (8828)
Fin.K.L (6447)
2NE1 (5748)
Wonder Girls (5073)
S.E.S (3553)
KARA (2338)
Brown Eyed Girls (1768)
Jewelry (1666)

Posted Image

credits: allkpop + KARA Soompi Thread


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