Kara’s Park Gyuri Documentary Narration Challenge.. ‘Emotional’ voice., From WordPress

Girl Group Kara’s Park Gyuri attempted first challenge on documentary narration.

Gyuri was in charge of the narration for MBC series aired on cable TV MBC LIFE ‘Happiness’ Maps’ (Maps of Happiness) final chapter.

Known as dubbing artist (Park So Hyeon) daugther, Park Gyuri is already on a radio show and now as Human documentary narrator on one chapter from ‘Happiness Maps’, in which she shows her emotional voice.

Happiness’ Maps is MBC LIFE Human Documentary HD Program, 60mins special 5 episodes showing a couple of Koreans in search for happiness and paradise covering global human story. This program includes sociology report on world’s several countries such as Egypt, Argentina, Cambodia, South Pacific Kiribati, as well as a small Tibetan Himalayas in Ladakh. The report deals with different standards of happiness in this 21st century. A couple of Koreans visited and explored these 5 countries around the world to see and experience what happiness is like for the people around the world. This documentary series shared lives of people who suffered as well as stories that bring happiness.

Gyuri commented on the story, “Being able to access this brief story about different world was such a great experience and enjoyable. Since it’s my first time being a documentary narrator, I was nervous but it was so much fun. I would love to try again if there is another challenge.”

Kara’s Park Gyuri’s narration ‘Happiness’ Maps’ last chapter will be broadcasted on this coming Friday 30 July at 11PM via MBC LIFE.

Thanks Anne for the tip
Source: TV Report
Translated by aank1@karaholic.com


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