Melon Special Event, KARA Fan Meeting & Interview

Finally the long waited meeting with KARA was carried out on last July 23, with Lucky MelonTineDay event winners of Melon family. This meeting actually has been expected for quite sometimes, but was delayed due to Kara members’ busy schedules and members’ personal daily activities.

Despite it’s friday 1PM, In order to meet KARA, everybody arrived on time!
Melon Family was invited to visit KARA’s shooting location, they took photos as well as talked to the members. Kara members prepared signed CD together with cellphone accessories as surprised gifts for melon family. As 24 July is Seungyeon birthday, they held an advance mini birthday party. Seungyeon ~ Happy Birthday! We’ll look forward to this kind of activities again!

Interview with KARA:

How do you feel on going to Japan next month on the 11th ?
yeah, although we’ve been to Japan for small promotion but this is our first activities after official album release, we are worried as well as excited. We are worried whether we could do a great job and we have high anticipation for this new experience. Anyway, we think that we should give and do our very best. ^^

I’ve heard the reservation sales in Japan was doing good, taking over 1,2,3 on the chart. What do you think is the key for success?
Uhm.. I think the secret lies in.. working as hard as what you’re hoping for.

How’s life in dorm nowadays?
We moved to a more spacious dorm and so we are living spaciously(?)~

A lot of Girl Groups are competing for a long time over here in Korea Market. Is there any Kara’s special expertise to remain competitive (things that make you stand out more)?
We think we’re just like friendly sisters’ next door and always make an effort to show our very best look.
While doing activities for Kara as a whole, what’s happiest moment and what’s the hardest (most difficult) moment?
The Happiest moment after debut was being 1st for the first time (in chart)!! When we get 1st for the first time, we think we felt really content at that moment. Even to think of it once again, really.. (happy)!!~^^ The hardest part was DIET !! We can’t eat what we want to eat T T.

Thanks anne for the tip
Source: Melon
Translated by aank1 @


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