Set for Japanese debut, KARA receives overwhelming response after appearing on local music program

Ahead of their first Japanese single release on 11th August, KARA had left for Japan on 29th July and is currently doing promotions there.

Greeted warmly by over 100 fans at the airport when they reached Japan, the girls did not take a moment to rest and went straight to NihonTV music variety TV program ‘Happy Music’ where they performed together with other local stars like AKB48, Chemistry etc. And their performance had received overwhelming response.

As soon as the reservation sales for the girls’ upcoming album opened on 15th July, all 3 versions of the album were up #1,2,3 on the local daily album sales chart Tower record.

Other than that, the girls’ Japanese version of ‘Mister’ MV was played on all 8 large screen LCD screens in Shibuya. There are also plans for the girls’ posters to be put at 1800 various famous convenient stores (ampm, Family mart, Lawson).

The girls’ appearance on ‘Happy Music’ is set to air on 13th August.

S: Newsen
Credit: KBITES.


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