4minute and KARA to Perform on Music Japan

An eager fan on popular Japanese blogging site ameblo recently attended a recording session for NHK’s popular program Music Japan. At the recording session, the fan watched both 4minute and KARA perform. Partial translation of the blog entry: Went to the recording of NHK MUSIC JAPAN yesterday. On the postcard I received, the performers listed was Smilage, AKB48, Onnalovely, Kitano Kii, TM Revolution, Perfume, 4minute and more. Other performers who weren’t listed on the postcard but performed were AAA, Nakagawa Shoko, Kondo Natsuko, Clementine, KARA and TETSUYA. The recording started around 7:30PM at NHK Hall in Tokyo. List of performers:

01.KARA(Trouble from their outfit – so re-recorded)
02.Baby Rotation/AKB48
03.Boku no Taiyou/AKB48
04.Hanataba/Kitano Kii
05.○○Gambaranakutemo Eenende!!/Smilage
07.Nakagawa Shoko
09.Kondo shoko

KARA actually had to perform twice because they had some trouble with their outfit during the first recording, so they had to do it over. This special recording of Music Japan is scheduled to air on August 15th.

Thanks to E for the tip and ayachu @ our sister site tokyohive for the translations.


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