KARA debuts at #5 on Oricon charts

On the 11th, KARA’s Japanese debut single album Mister debuted at #5 on the Oricon daily chart.

The first place went to Masaharu Fukuyama and a Japanese girl group Perfume was also highly ranked. It shows that KARA was up to par with such big J-Pop stars. It also looks like KARA will do well when the weekly chart releases.

It was expected that they would get the #9 spot so this is a surprisingly good result. Out of all the rookies that released singles, they got the highest rank.

KARA’s #5 ranking is the second best debut result for an idol from Korea. Big Bang debuted at #4 with My Heaven in the past.

They’re definitely off to a great start.

credit: allkpop

^ credit: KARAholic

And guess who’s the featured artist in Universal Music Japan’s Youtube channel???

credit: KARA Soompi Thread


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