KARA performs on famous Japanese program Sukiri

Korean girl group KARA appeared on a famous Japanese morning program called Sukiri in time to promote their new Japanese debut single Mister.

On the 11th, the girls had a talk with host Sekine Mari in part of a corner of Sukiri called Mariwood and later performed Mister live as well. As a corner that provides the audience information about a Hollywood star’s fashion or lifestyle, Mariwood has had famous previous guests such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Backstreet Boys. KARA who appeared as guests for this corner became a hot issue for becoming the first Korean as well as Asian star to make an appearance.

Cr. uploader

After KARA begun their Japanese promotions early in July, their song Mister rose to top ranks at Japan’s very popular music site Tower Record taking first, second and third place respectively for three different released versions of Mister. On the 14th, the girls plan to have an celebratory hand shake at Shinkiba Studio Cast for the release of Mister before returning to Korea on the 15th.

Congrats to the girls for a successful time in Japan with their song Mister! Hopefully they will become as loved as previous successful Korean idol stars like TVXQ and Big Bang.


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