KARA BEST 2007-2010 Debuts at #2 in Oricon

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KARA’s recent ranking as number 2 on the daily Oricon Album Charts marked the best that any Korean female girl group has been able to achieve for a full album in the Japanese market.

According to Oricon Charts, on September 29th KARA released their album called ‘2007-2010 KARA Best’, which earned them a spot in the top 2 on the daily charts on the same day of release. The girl group sold 18,223 copies on their first day, being only beaten by Japanese jazz singer, JUJU.

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Since the album contained all of KARA’s tracks that were released in Korea since 2007, the 2nd ranking held a deeper meaning for the group.

Meanwhile, KARA’s first Japanese single, ‘Mister‘, which was released earlier in August, sold 9,000~10,000 copies on the first day, which earned them a spot in the Top 10 of the daily Oricon Charts. It show’s how much their popularity is growing in Japan.

In addition, it has been reported that KARA’s second single, ‘Jumping‘, is scheduled for release on November 10th. This will be a brand new song for the Japanese market and not a re-hashed Korean song.

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sc: allkpop


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