What: STEP Special Edition Album Launch
Where: Venue of Philippine KpopCon3 (Megatent, near Megamall)
When: December 30, 2011
Price: 550php
Freebies: Poster (from Warner) + Extra freebie (from KaraPH)To avail your extra freebie from KaraPH, you need to present your receipt to any staff at KaraPH’s booth ^^ so see you all there!

and KEEP VOTING FOR STEP MV – Just key in:
then send to 2366

“Step” album track list:
1) Ey! Oh! (Intro)
2) Step
3) Rider
4) Strawberry
5) 따라와 (Follow Me)
6) Date (My Boy)
7) 나는..(Ing) (Acoustic Version)
8) Kara 4 U (Outro)
9) Step (Instrumental)
10) 내 마음을 담아서 (Dear Kamilia) <Bonus Track>


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