[NEWS] Park Gyuri Wants to Meet SMAP Too

CREDIT: enewsworld.com + Kim Byung Kwan + Fuji TV

Other than the fact that her group will be performing in the most prominent music ceremony in Japan, Kara’s Park Gyuri seems to have more to look forward to than just the performance.

On December 29, Sponichi Annex reported that the rehearsal for the 62nd NHK Red & White Song Battle, to be aired on December 31, took place on December 29 in Tokyo. Kara was seen onstage this day in red clothing, singing a special Kara medley.

In a meeting with the press, the members of Kara mentioned they were very busy trying to attend year-end ceremonies and specials in both Korea and Japan, and said, “As soon as we get back [to Korea] we have a live broadcast, and tomorrow we’re coming back to Japan.”

When she was asked whether she wants to see any singers in person at the Red & White Song Battle, Park Gyuri said shyly that she wanted to meet SMAP’s Shingo.

SMAP is a beloved household name in Japan, as it is a group that has been active for 20 years. Its members include Kimura Takuya, Girls’ Generation Yoona’s ideal type, and Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, a.k.a. Cho Nan Gang in Korea, who promoted a single titled I Love You So Much in Korea.

Girls’ Generation and TVXQ will also be appearing with Kara on the 62nd NHK Red & White Song Battle.


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