[NEWS] Asian Pop Addict Radio reveals the winners of their ‘Melo’ Awards 2011

SOURCE: asianpopaddict.com
CREDIT: liime_arix / aramatheydidnt

Asian Pop Addict is a weekly podcast radio show centered around Asian music. While the name does contain ‘Pop’, they also focus on rock, rap, hip hop and other forms of Asian music.

Once again they hosted their own awards that centered around Asian entertainment from the past year. Last year it was the Fuckery Awards, but this year, it is known as the Mamamelo or Melo Awards. The categories were provided by the hosts of the shows and listeners were encouraged to nominate and vote for who they wanted to win in each category.

Japanese: SNSD

Biggest WTF of the Year
Japanese: Earthquake/Tsunami

Douchebag of the year
Japanese: Arama They Didn’t users

Twitter whore of the year
Japanese: Gackt

Artist Who Needs More Airplay
Japanese: Daichi Miura

Best comeback
Japanese: Koda Kumi

Worst comeback
Japanese: Anything from AKB48

Most Improved Artist or Group
Japanese: KAT-TUN

The ultimate BAMF of the year
Japanese: Koda Kumi

Worst dressed of the year
Japanese: Jang Geun Suk

Worst hair style
Japanese: Ueda (KAT-TUN) “shaved head”

Most rigid award show
Japanese: MTV “VMA’s”

Most “FABULOUS” male
Japanese: Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)

Best Drama
Japanese: Ikemen Desu Ne

Best Crossover Artist or Group Into Japan

Song of the Year
Japanese: Koda Kumi “KO SO KO SO”


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