[NEWS] KARA’s ‘Jet-coaster’ ride in 2011, a year in review

CREDIT: leesa86 / allkpop.com

The rehearsals for Japan’s most prestigious year-end event, NHK Red & White Music Festival (Kohaku), was recently held on the 29th, and the artists to open the rehearsals were none other than KARA and Girls’ Generation.

These two girl groups had quite a busy year, going back and forth from Korea and Japan, especially now as they have been attending the biggest year-end events in both countries.

The KARA girls performed their ’2011 Special Medley’, which was a combination of “Jet Coaster Love” and “Mister“. Because it was a rehearsal, the girls weren’t wearing their stage ensembles and there were no audience members but they still did their best.

After the rehearsal came to an end, the girls held a press conference immediately after.

The girls were asked what the past year was like.

Member Han Seungyeon reflected back on a busy 2011 and remarked, “The past year was really like a ‘Jet Coaster’.” It was only sentence, but it seemed to perfectly sum up their entire year.

The girls experienced both extreme highs and lows in 2011.

On January 14th, there was much commotion about KARA breaking up as they were having problems with their agency, DSP Media. The news sent shockwaves through both Korea and Japan.

Japanese fans especially took the news hard, as the girls were quickly building their popularity in Japan. The news was even picked as 2011′s #4 top story.

As soon as fans heard of KARA possibly breaking up, they pointed fingers at KARA’s agency who couldn’t properly take care of their disciples and also the girls who wanted to leave DSP Media. Members Goo Hara and Park Gyuri who actually wanted to stay with DSP Media were also criticized.

It was quite a difficult time for the girls, and they endured much heartache. While filming their Japanese drama ‘Urakara‘, the girls couldn’t stop the sudden flow of tears as they said, “We still want to sing as a 5-member group.” The footage was released as is, and it broke the hearts of both the Korean and Japanese fans.

In the end, the parents of three of the girls saw how broken up the girls were, and that they weren’t able to perform and function properly. In April, they finally resolved their differences with DSP Media. KARA was then able to stand on stages again in both Korea and Japan.

The news made history, and as heartbreaking as it was, it actually helped the girls make their name known to a larger audience. Every single they released thereafter was a big hit. KARA is without a doubt the most popular K-pop group in Japan, and therefore are able to participate in the Red & White Music Festival, a right only reserved for the most elite of Japanese celebrities.

They were once threatened with a split, but the girls are now one of the greatest idol groups today. They went through quite a lot to come this far, and therefore 2011 was a very meaningful year for the girls.

KARA performed at the SBS Gayo Daejun on the 29th, and will be heading back over to Japan to attend the TBS Japanese Award Ceremony. KARA unfortunately was unable to attend the KBS Music Festival in Korea.

The girls will also be attending the 62nd annunal NHK Red & White Music Festival in Japan on the 31st.


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