[NEWS] Japanese tourists prefer Kara over all K-pop stars

Source: TV Report
CREDIT: hannacha / en.korea.com

Kara is selected as the most preferred K-pop star by Japanese tourists.

According to Unimedi Plastic Surgery on January 7, a survey titled “Who is your favorite K-pop star?” was conducted targeting Japanese tourists who visited Korea last year. As for the result, Kara was ranked at the top.

Dr. Yoo In Mo, the director of the hospital, said, “Japanese tourists prefer Kara, which is composed of Park Gyuri, Nicole, Han Seung Yeon, Goo Hara, and Kang Jiyoung, over all K-pop stars. After Kara, Jang Keun Suk, Bae Yong Joon, SNSD, Lee Byung Hun, and Jo In Sung followed the rankings.

Through this survey, we could learn the images of Kara seen by Japanese people. Kara members have a so-called ‘puppy face.’ They have cute, lovely facial shapes. Some Japanese tourists bring a picture of their favorite member to get a plastic surgery on their nose. By undergoing the surgery, they wanted to look more like their favorite singer.

Kara’s music also seemed to easily make a bond of sympathy with Japanese people, and I think that’s because they begin with a thorough revision before composing and selecting songs according to the global and domestic markets.

Japanese people’s preference for Kara could also be proved through another survey conducted by a different broadcaster. In the episode of Y-Star’s Curious that aired on November 19 last year, 62 Japanese tourists out of 100 answered Kara when asked of their favorite K-pop singers.

Japanese Sankei Newspaper analyzed the key to their popularity as, “Their attractive appearance, balanced body figure, and fancy dance. Korean girl groups are becoming very popular here by featuring distinguishing looks and fancy group dance from any other Japanese ‘idol’ groups.” The popularity then led them to great sales; Kara earned about 4.93 billion yen (73 billion won) in 2011 only from the sales of CDs and DVDs.


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