[NEWS] Lizzy, Sunhwa, Hyorin, and Seungyeon confirmed for ‘We Got Married’ spin-off

Date of the article: [2012.01.05]

SOURCE + PHOTO: Mydaily via Naver
CREDIT: VITALSIGN / allkpop.com

KARA‘s Seungyeon, After School’s Lizzy, SISTAR‘s Hyorin, and SECRET‘s Sunhwa have been confirmed for MBC‘s new ‘We Got Married‘ spin-off, ‘Pit-a-pat Shake‘.

On January 6th, PD Jun Sung Ho revealed, “We recently completed the first shoot with Seungyeon, Lizzy, Hyorin, Sunhwa, and their male partners. The atmosphere was great, and I think it will be fun for the audience to watch the stories these couples create.”

When asked about the male partners, they revealed, “We cannot reveal that yet. There’s a mix of singers and actors.”

He continued, “The female stars showed a side to them that isn’t normally seen. Seungyeon had unique ideas about dating with a strong feminine side, while Hyorin was cool about everything. Sunhwa was also different from the ‘blank sheet’ character she’s known to be. Lizzy was well-loved by the male stars and worked hard to escape her ‘saturi’ image. Still, she couldn’t help but slip in her country dialect now and then, which was cute.”

The spin-off is the dating version of ‘We Got Married’. The continuation of the show will depend on how the viewers receive it for now.


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