[NEWS] KARA to embark on their Asia tour next month

Date of the Article: [2012.01.10]

SOURCE: StarNews via Nate
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Five member girl group KARA will be going international in February with an overseas tour! Starting with a concert in Korea this February, the girls will be hitting major cities in Asia to meet with their many fans. They are still in the process of securing the dates for their concert, moving around the events they have in Korea and Japan.

KARA will be performing ‘KARASIA‘ at Olympic Hall in Seoul on February 18th & 19th, and this is the girls’ first independent concert since their debut in 2007 with ‘Blooming‘. The tour title is appropriate, as KARA is embarking on this tour to become one with their fans in Asia, hence, KARASIA.

A representative from their agency DSP Media informed StarNews on the 11th, “KARA had put on numerous performances in the past and fan meet-and-greets as well, but this is the first time they are putting on an independent concert since their debut. The girls have come a long way, now being one of Korea’s top girl groups and they plan on meeting with all of their fans that have supported them for the entirety of their journey.”

The fans themselves have been anxiously waiting for a concert. Their agency reserved one of Korea’s largest halls to ensure that a large number of fans would be able to see their favorite girl group. The tickets for the concert are being sold at a rapid rate.

KARA is without a doubt at the forefront of the Hallyu wave, going back and forth between Korea and Japan. They showcased their adorable charms and powerful performances with hit songs like “Mister“, “Jumping“, “Honey“, “Pretty Girl“, and more, while “Mister”, “Go Go Summer“, “Jetcoaster Love” and more were huge hits in Japan.

KARA has been highly acknowledged in Japan and has become one of the hottest girl groups today. They have earned the honor of performing at the NHK Red & White Music Festival last month, an opportunity reserved only for the most elite of Japanese celebrities.


[NEWS] KARA to hold first concert ‘KARASIA’ in 2012


DSP Media has announced that KARA will be holding their first ever concert called ‘KARASIA‘!

The girls and their fans have been dreaming of this event since their debut, and it seems like all their trials and triumphs have finally paid off.

On December 30th, representatives of DSP Media updated KARA’s official homepage with a new notice stating, “Hello, this is DSP Media. We would like to inform our Kamilias about the concert you have been waiting for for a very long time. In February, KARA will be holding their first concert, and we would like to open tickets to our fanclub members first.”

The concert will be held at the Olympic Gymnasium on February 18th and 19th. Fanclub members will be able to purchase tickets starting January 10th, while the rest go on sale on the 12th.

Stay tuned for more info!