[NEWS] Goo Hara & Park Gyuri share a “mirror reflection” photo

SOURCE + IMAGE: Goo Hara’s Twitter
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KARA members Goo Hara and Park Gyuri shared a photo in which they’re striking the same pose while wearing matching outfits.

Goo Hara posted the photo above via her official Twitter page on the 11th and wrote, “Gyuri unni and I wore the exact same outfit to practice. Telepathy!”

In the photo, the two are wearing white baseball shirts with black sleeves, and black sweats to match. They even had their hair done up the same way and struck the same pose, holding their smart phones and looking towards each other. They looked as though they were mirrored reflections of one another, and the photo evoked much laughter from netizens.

Fans who saw the photo left comments such as, “Feel like there’s a mirror in between the two“, “Gyuri gets prettier by the day. They are so cute“, and “Good to see that they are so close. Please post a lot of pictures like these from now on“.

In related news, Goo Hara, Gyuri and the rest of the KARA members will be embarking on their Asia tour starting next month.

[NEWS] IU, KARA, and T-ara amazed at the magic tricks performed on ‘Star King’

Date of the article: [2012.01.07]

SOURCE + IMAGE: bntNews via Nate
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The nation’s sweetheart IU was beyond shocked on the latest episode of SBS ‘Star King‘.

National magician Choi Hyun Woo and three ‘magicians king’s Choi Hyung BaeKim Min Hyung, and Lee Jun Hyung guest-featured on the January 7th episode of ‘Star King’.

Singer IU was completely shocked when magician Choi Hyung Bae made IU’s fellow ‘Inkigayo‘ MC, KARA member Goo Hara’s necklace disappear.

T-ara‘s Jiyeon also picked up a crushed empty can of soda from the trash and watched it become a brand new soda right before her eyes.

Jiyeon even took a few sips from the can, leaving everyone on set dumbfounded and amazed.

[NEWS] KARA’s Goo Hara cuddles up against Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha

Date of the article: [2012.01.06]

SOURCE & IMAGE: Narsha’s Twitter
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Brown Eyed Girls‘ member Narsha shared a sweet photo of herself and KARA member Goo Hara.

The singer recently shared the photo above via her official Twitter page and wrote, “Na ra gu~

In the photo, both Narsha and Hara had their full stage-makeup on and posed cuddling next to each other. Narsha looked like Hara’s older sister with her arms protectively wrapped around her and her chin gently resting against Hara’s forehead.

Netizens were glad to see that the previous ‘G7‘ members were still very close.

Fans who saw the photo left comments such as, “I miss the old G7 and apparently they do too“, “Two sweetie pies“, “Narsha Koo Hara…pretty unni & cute dongsaeng! ^__^“, “so sweet~“, and more.

[NEWS] Goo Hara picks Takuya Kimura as her favorite Japanese actor

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KARA member Goo Hara giggled like a schoolgirl when talking about Japanese SMAP member and actor, Takuya Kimura.

Goo Hara along with some of her fellow KARA members guest featured on KBS 2FM‘s radio program ‘Hong Jin Kyung’s 2:00‘ on January 3rd, and the girls shared a story about the time they met Takuya Kimura.

When talking about Japanese actors, Goo Hara remarked that she liked Takuya Kimura after watching one of his dramas. “I recently met him at the Kohaku Uta Gassen,” she said.

We introduced ourselves to him as KARA and said hello to him first. He responded by telling us he was happy to meet us and was extremely friendly,” they explained with an excited laugh.

While Goo Hara picked Takuya Kimura as her favorite Japanese actor / actress, Nicole chose Mizusima HiroHan Seungyeon chose Toda Erika as well as Abe Hiroshi, while Kang Ji Youngchose Yuki Amami.

[NEWS] Fans grow concerned over IU & Goo Hara’s slim legs

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The thin figures of KARA‘s Goo Hara and singer IU are causing quite the buzz online.

A photo of the two girls standing on stage together surfaced on an online community site recently, and fans were shocked to see how their frail their legs looked.

Goo Hara, who’s been called an assortment of ‘doll’ names because of her waifish figure, looked more healthy when compared to fellow ‘Inkigayo‘ MC IU.

Netizens commented, “Unbelievable, how are their legs so skinny?”, “Can they walk? Their legs look as though they’ll break“, “They need to eat more and put some meat on their bones.

It could be a distorted picture, but netizens and fans seemed to agree that health should override beauty trends.

[PERF] KARA at MBC Gayo Daejun




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