Our History

KARA Philippines was officially founded by Alih and Aya.

Significant dates

* July 7, 2009 – the date when our old forum was founded.

— Before we are staying at forumation but because we want you to see a more improved KARA Philippines, we decided then to move in Invision and we know that it is easier for us to give you updates with our forum by using that site.

* March 9, 2010 – the date when KARA Philippines was re-opened.

— Finally, our heads announced the re-opening of our new better forum. From then on, we never stopped giving you updates about our 6 angels.

Other dates to remember

* July 24, 2010 – the birth of SMXPH.

— Our very own founder Alih has formally publicized the official text clan dedicated only to our KARA; the SMXPH – Sweet MelodyX Philippines.

* November 6, 2010 – our official cosplayers have finally arrived.

— If Korea has KARA, of course we already found the group to represent our girls here in the Philippines. A group that is composed of 5 sweet girls; our 5Honeyz.

* December 11, 2010 – Kamilias became ONE

— Eventhough we failed to be part of Kpop Convention last year, we have already proven this year’s Kpop Convention 2 that we can make all the Kamilias to be united.

* February 6, 2011 – Kara’s First Album Launch in PH

— Kara’s First Full-length Japanese Album ‘Girl’s Talk’ was released here in PH, thanks to MCA.

* December 30, 2011 – KaraPH’s second time/participation at Kpop Convention

— It was also Kara’s 2nd Album Launch in PH which was the 3rd Full-length Korean Album, ‘STEP’.

What is KARA Philippines if there are no people behind it? Let’s now meet all of them.



So now that you finally know all of them, don’t hesitate to ask anything to them okay? 🙂

For our last words, we will never stop on making every Kamilia to be happy. We’re a ONE BIG FAMILY that will support KARA all the way.

Let’s make LOTS of history together. 🙂

♥KARA Philippines; Home of Pinoy Kamilias – Sweetest Melody


2 thoughts on “Our History

  1. we’re sorry for the delays since we are busy with academics. We will be updating the blog but for now we will only post updates. The other information will be added soon. Thank you for your understanding.

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